Avet SXJ 6/4 Series

Avet SXJ Lever Drag Reels add power and refinement to an already great reel! Avet has increased the drag on the SXJ to 20 lbs at max! That is a lot of fish stopping power for such a small reel. They also upgraded the lever drag system to a ratcheting glide plate lever system that is a big improvement from the original model. It makes the reel more fun to fish. Avet SXJ Lever Drag Reels are constructed of aluminum so they are lightweight and corrosion resistant. They feature eight sealed stainless steel ball bearings, a double dog anti-reverse system to minimize back play and increased line capacity over the reels. If you are looking for a small, compact fishing reel for catching a wide variety of inshore species, an Avet SXJ Lever Drag Reel is a great options! Powerful, lightweight and proven to crush fish! 

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