Shimano Ultregra CI4+

Shimano Ultregra CI4+
The use of CI4+ delivers a substantial weight saving on the compact Ultegra body making rod speed easier to generate when distance casting. To further increase casting performance the Ultegra uses Super Slow Oscillation line lay and an Propulsion Line Management System spool fitted with Hi-Speed Drag for simple, ultra fast adjustment. Hagane Gear and X-Ship produce powerful winding performance and Stainless S A-RB bearings plus a Shimano Roller bearing deliver supreme smoothness.
Name Drag Crank Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Color Spool It Personalize It Price Quantity
Strike Full Low High Low High
SHIMANO Ultegra CI4 14000XTC

Mono Capacity: 12/600, 16/440, 20/330

Braid Capacity: 40/550, 50/460, 65/335

NA 44# NA 41 NA 4.3:1 19.0 Black $291.99
Sold Out
SHIMANO Ultegra CI4 5500XTC

Mono Capacity: 10/425, 12/315, 16/230

Braid Capacity: 30/360, 40/270, 50/220

NA 33# NA 41 NA 5.3:1 15.5 Black $275.99
Sold Out


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