Banax Electric

Banax Electric
Realization of the high technology Electric Reels. Designed for the braid line and the excellent line capacity, Banax electric

reels will be a great choice for casting jigs, large bait with the more sensible mechanism and convenient adjustment functions.
Name Drag Crank Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Color Spool It Personalize It Price Quantity
Strike Full Low High Low High
Banax Kaigen Electric 500TM

Mono Capacity: NA

Braid Capacity: 400/50, 300/60, 200/80

NA 29# NA NA NA 3.2:1 31.2 Silver/Black $709.00
Banax Kaigen Reel 1000

Mono Capacity: NA

Braid Capacity: 60/1000, 80/800, 100/700, 130/500

NA 45# NA NA NA 2.8:1 57.6 Black/Silver $649.00
Banax Kaigen Electric 1500TM

Mono Capacity: NA

Braid Capacity: 1200/65, 1000/80, 800/100, 600/130

NA 66# NA NA NA 2.8:1 92.0 Black $1,399.00