AFTCO Aluminum Gaffs

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The slim, tapered shape of AFTCO's Taper-Tip Fishing Gaffs makes them lightning fast in the water - easier to maneuver, and deadly accurate. They're stronger and lighter to bring fish into the boat quickly with less flailing and confusion. The tapered shafts of all the AFTCO fishing gaffs have thicker walls forward for additional strength, and thinner walls in the handles for reduced weight. AFTCO fishing gaffs are widely used on the finest sportfishing boats around the world due to their extreme strength and reliable design. AFTCO gaffs are available with swaged aluminum handles and also with tapered E-glass handles, which are extremely lightweight and strong. All of our AFTCO gaff hooks are fashioned from the finest marine grade stainless steel, with easy-to-sharpen triangular points.


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