Daiwa Certate SW G s

Daiwa Certate SW G s
The Certate SW features an monocoque aluminum body with a large G1 Duralumin main gear that has a lot of power. Turn the handle and it is super smooth! The Zaion rotor is light in weight so getting it moving takes less time and leads to less energy loss. Just like the Saltiga, the Certate SW uses the Advanced Tournament Drag System, which puts out 55-65 lbs of drag at max (depending on the size)! That is an insane amount of drag that will come in handy when you hook into something big! To keep water, sand and salt on the outside, the Certate SW features a Magsealed body and a Magsealed ball bearing in the line roller. The line roller is one of the parts that is most likely to fail on a spinning reel and this greatly reduces the chances of failure. It might seem simple, but this is one of the clear reasons why you buy a reel like this over something that doesn't have the same protection. There's nothing worse than your gear failing while you are on the water.  The aluminum handle with the oversized power oval is nice and will give you excellent grip when you are retrieving a lure, jig or fighting a big pelagic. If catching big fish in saltwater is your passion, buy a Daiwa Certate SW Spinning Reel! It delivers on performance and it looks good in the process.
Name Drag Crank Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Color Spool It Personalize It Price Quantity
Strike Full Low High Low High
Daiwa Certate SW G Spinning Reel 8BB 10000-H

Mono Capacity: 330/20, 280/25

Braid Capacity: 330/50, 280/65

55# 46.6" 5.8:1 22.2 Blue/Silver $649.99
Daiwa Certate SW G Spinning Reel 8BB 8000-H

Mono Capacity: 330/16, 280/20

Braid Capacity: 330/40, 280/50

55# 43.7" 5.8:1 22.0 Blue/Silver $649.99
Daiwa Certate SW G Spinning Reel 8BB 18000-H

Mono Capacity: 330/30, 280/40

Braid Capacity: 440/65, 330/80

65# 51.6" 5.8:1 30.0 Blue/Silver $749.99
Sold Out
Daiwa Certate SW G Spinning Reel 8BB 14000-XH

Mono Capacity: 330/25, 280/35

Braid Capacity: 330/65, 280/80

55# 52.9" 6.2:1 22.4 Blue/Silver $649.99
Sold Out


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