Happy person holding a very large swordfish
Picture of a person holding a seminar at CHAOS.  There is a large audience.

Our Retail Store

As the largest fishing outfitter in the Southeast USA, we take pride in growing your passion for the water life by enabling your success. Combining knowledge, products, and service we leverage 30 years of experience with store and online service supported by millions of dollars of inventory available 7 days a week, as we know your success on the water drives our success as your outfitter.


CHAOS rods set the standard for quality made gear with the best components. Paired with nearly every brand of reels and gear we know we can outfit everything from the weekend pier fisherman to the tournament yacht heading to Cabo.

Image of many chaos rods line dup in a display rack in the store. The rods are blue and black, mostly spinners.
Rods and reels standing up in a display in the store. There are spinning combos and then conventional combos.

Custom Rods

And for our custom rod clients we know your needs and tastes are varied so we stock components and blanks from every major manufacturer to assure you we can deliver a set of rods that meet your functional, cosmetic, and budget requirements. Fresh to Salt, Flats to Offshore, and Ultra-light to Deep Drop, we know you will be pleased with the quality, service, and breadth
of our offerings.

As we have said for years, "Your gear, Your way."


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