Daiwa Prorex Muskie Rods

Hardcore muskie angler this is your rod. The Daiwa Prorex Muskie Rods are engineered with unique features that enhance comfort convenience and techniques. For years, the Prorex name has been a staple among the European muskie fishing market, equipping anglers with the tackle necessary to conquer the world class pike fisheries of places like Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Prorex has landed on US soil with US muskie actions to tame the monsters of the North American lakes. These finely tuned musky rods feature a unique telescopic design on most models that allows for convenient storage and travel. The ferrule is located at the top of the handle, offering a true, uninterrupted rod action and strength that rivals that of a single piece rod. The Prorex Series consists highly studied technique driven models that are each available with two different rod handle options. Traditionalists will appreciate the option of high quality full-grip cork handle, while those looking for something new and different can choose the custom Winn Grip Handle. The soft-to-the-touch Winn Grip handles greatly enhance comfort, style and offer superior grip even in wet conditions. All models are equipped with Fuji Concept O" Ring Guides."

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